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Mercury Portal: Centralizing Logistics to Streamline Your Company's Operations

September 14, 2023
simplified logistics

Simplify Your Logistics Management

Written By: Debbie Jung

Have you ever had to scramble to find an industry-specific logistics courier who can handle your shipment at the last minute? Perhaps you recall an experience where they fell short of expectations, leaving you hesitant to consider their services again. If you've encountered such situations and others like them, then you understand the importance of efficiently managing logistics for the success of your health and life science company's operations.

Whether you're shipping temperature-sensitive samples on dry ice, delivering custom-made medical devices to clients, or simply distributing laptops to your remote employees, imagine having a single, comprehensive platform that caters to all your logistic needs. Envision centralizing freight, specialty cold chain services, express shipping, package and dry ice supplies, same-day couriers, and much more, all under one roof.

Allow us to introduce our Mercury Portal platform, a single digital platform designed to centralize and simplify shipping operations for you and your team.

Portal by Mercury

Why Centralize Logistics?

Continuing with a long-established process may seem tempting, but it frequently overlooks the small yet impactful inconveniences that often go unnoticed. Considerations such as the scheduled pickup time, ensuring an adequate supply of packaging and dry ice, and the reliance on multiple vendors to ship to a single trade show or site can become hurdles to overcome. Attending to these minor details can significantly improve your company's efficiency.

Centralizing logistics involves consolidating all aspects of a company’s logistic operations into a single, unified digital platform. This platform serves as a central hub for managing various shipping functions, allowing your company to achieve seamless coordination, visibility, and communication regarding your crucial packages coming in and out of your various sites.

Top Four Advantages of Centralizing Your Logistic Operations

  1. Streamlined Operations: By consolidating all logistic operations in one place, companies can eliminate redundancies and enhance efficiency. This facilitates efficient training for new hires and promotes better organization
  2. Enhanced Visibility: The Mercury Portal aims to provide real-time visibility into all aspects of your shipments, allowing for easy monitoring of your company's shipments and pickups. This enables more effective management.
  3. Improved Communications: When all members of your company use the same platform, communication becomes more efficient, reducing redundancy, miscommunications, and delays. Our 24/7 Mercury Portal platform customer service ensures that you can reach your company's representative promptly.
  4. Cost Savings: Centralizing your shipments on one platform enables companies to optimize shipping routes, negotiate with suppliers, and ultimately reduce costs. Mercury maintains transparency in its pricing and always communicates candidly with clients regarding costs.

How Centralizing Ultimately Simplifies Your Shipping

At Mercury, our goal is to simplify your shipping. We understand that complex shipments requiring meticulous planning can be time-consuming. However, our Mercury Portal simplifies the process by offering special functions and features for you and your company. Whether it may be temperature-sensitive transportation to freight lab equipment moves, centralizing logistics offers customized solutions. Our shipping solutions include (but not limited to):

Transforming Logistics

With logistics taken care of by Mercury, you and your team can focus on the work that truly matters—whether that may be creating a cure for a disease or designing the next revolutionary medical device. Centralizing logistics into one unified, user-friendly platform can be transformative for your company. From streamlining operations to enhancing visibility on your shipments, the benefits are never-ending. Embrace the power of centralization and simplification and revolutionize your company’s logistic practices. Shipping has never been as simple as clicking a button.

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