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Elevating Customer Satisfaction in Shipping and Logistics

July 27, 2023
Elevating Customer Satisfaction in the Shipping and Logistics Industry

Beyond Deliveries: Mercury's Commitment to Customer Satisfaction in Shipping

Written By: Debbie Jung

Mercury has been in the shipping industry for over 30 years. Our long-lasting success is thanks to our clients, who play a crucial role in our business. Our clients are the center of everything we do, giving us purpose and motivation. Each day, we are honored to ship life-changing research materials, essential components of surgical medical devices, and other valuable products. Playing a part in driving innovative scientific research is incredibly inspiring for our team. We recognize the importance of exceptional customer service to establish and maintain sustainable client relationships. 

Defining Customer Service in Shipping  

Meeting the demands of shipping can sometimes be stressful. Health and Life Science logistics involves constant communication with partners and vendors and coordination of complex shipments for materials that have taken years to develop. In this context, customer service is all about meeting the unique demands of each client. With all planning comes communication. What is customer service to you and your company? It can manifest differently for each company, as expectations vary. In today's fast-paced world, customer service often entails providing instant responses and solutions through various channels such as email, text, or phone calls. 

Our clients are the center of everything we do, giving us purpose and motivation.

Why Customer Service Matters in the Shipping Industry

Being attentive to clients is particularly crucial in the shipping industry, as critical communications cannot afford to get lost or overlooked when coordinating a shipment. Even a tiny detail, like accurate dimensions or weight, can result in significant expenses for the client. By consistently meeting expectations and delivering results, you can establish a strong foundation for a lasting relationship with your customers. But how can you effectively maintain and grow this relationship? 

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction in the Shipping Process

At Mercury, prioritizing customer relationships has been fundamental to our success. We constantly strive to improve and exceed expectations for our clients. This can look like developing new processes or providing customized reports on a weekly basis. To tailor our solutions to our clients, we recognize each client is unique and has specific expectations and needs. Starting with an introductory call, we explore our client's pain points and work with our shipping experts to propose one or several solutions.  

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys

We also utilize Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to collect client feedback. This survey allows us to find insights into our client's experience and resolve any concerns they may have. The NPS Scores often provide comments, gives us a deeper understanding of our client's voices, and helps us identify potential issues that others may be facing but have yet to voice to us. 

We foster trust, loyalty, and long-term partnerships by continuously enhancing customer satisfaction throughout the shipping process. Our client-focused dedication goes beyond transactional interactions. We view our long-lasting client relationships as partners and strive to create exceptional customer support from the moment they choose Mercury. 


In logistics, customer service is the foundation of success. It ensures effective communication for successful and accurate deliveries of valuable goods and overall customer satisfaction, building lasting partnerships. We invest in building lasting relationships with our customers by working to improve our processes continuously. Our client obsession is a core value for a reason. At Mercury, we dedicate our jobs to placing our customers at the core foundation of what we do. Unlike other major logistic partners, we strive to exceed our client's specific expectations by prioritizing outstanding 24/7 customer service. We aim to simplify the shipping experience and positively impact our clients' businesses. 

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