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What It Takes to Be a Logistics Guide With Ghali Khalfane

December 4, 2023
Ghali Khalfane

Meet Our People - Ghali Khalfane

Written By: Narek Hakobyan

In this interview, we will learn more about Ghali Khalfane, one of our Logistics Guides at Mercury. He has delivered exceptional service to our clients and helped them with their complex and time-critical shipments. He will tell us about his passion for work, his achievements on the team, and his interests outside of work.

What Do You Do on a Typical Day?

Efficiently tracking, scheduling, and guiding clients' shipments, engaging in direct video conferences to troubleshoot their logistical needs, and establishing streamlined processes. Collaborating with other departments within the company to provide valuable assistance on various projects.

What Are You Passionate About in Your Role and Working in This Industry?

Being deeply passionate about the impact of my logistical work.

"I find immense satisfaction in knowing that we contribute to advancing research aimed at curing debilitating diseases, creating vaccines, and ultimately making the world a better place through the power of science."

What Parts of Our Mission Do You Connect With?

I align with all our values, but I particularly strive for Client Obsession more rigorously. Recognizing and prioritizing our clients' passions and needs is a cornerstone of building meaningful and lasting relationships.

What Common Issues Do Our Clients Encounter, and How Do We Assist Them?

A majority of our clients are scientists, and their primary focus lies in their research – exactly where it should be. This is where we step in to guide them toward the best logistical solutions, whether it involves maintaining temperature requirements for shipping their goods or understanding the necessary classifications, licenses, permits, and certificates required to transport their unique scientific samples.

What Have Been Your Biggest Accomplishments on Our Team/Squad?

One memorable incident that resonates with me personally involves a client's urgent NFO (Next Flight Out) request over the weekend. Tasked with facilitating the swift shipment of orthopedic implants for a crucial surgery in the UK on Monday, I responded promptly to the unexpected challenge. Despite encountering a setback when our initial courier couldn't meet the last-minute demand, I took swift action by renting a car, driving an hour and thirty minutes to the pickup site, and ensuring the timely delivery of the goods to the airport. Through my efforts, I successfully orchestrated the shipment's placement on a London-bound flight just in the nick of time, contributing significantly to the client's ability to receive the orthopedic implant for their vital surgery. I take immense pride in knowing I was an integral part of a delicate medical situation.

What’s the Most Unique Part About Working at Mercury?

I like a challenge and the dynamic environment that Mercury has created does not make work a dull moment. I am continually inspired by the diverse challenges and fast-paced atmosphere cultivated within Mercury, making work consistently engaging. While I am not typically inclined to linger in a single role for an extended period, the dynamic nature of my current position keeps me motivated and excited about the ever-evolving opportunities for growth and learning.

What Do You Do for Fun Outside of Work?

I enjoy cooking, spending time with friends, and I'm a passionate foodie. You'll always catch me at the newest restaurant in town or trying a cuisine that I haven't tried before.

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