Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Mercury can handle all temperature-sensitive shipping for you, both domestically and internationally. 

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Temperature-Sensitive Shipping Is a Vital Aspect of Supply Chain Management

Without proper temperature control, the integrity of certain items like life-saving medications and diagnostic specimen samples could be compromised.

Careful planning and coordination are critical to ensure that the necessary equipment and processes are in place to maintain the desired temperature throughout the entire shipment process. This may include special packaging materials such as dry ice and phase change materials or refrigerated trucks and storage containers.

Temperature-sensitive shipping also requires constant monitoring to ensure that any sudden changes in temperature can be addressed immediately such as when your shipment is held in customs or due to airline flight delays or cancellations. In such situations, we will assist with dry ice delivery and replenishment.

Mercury can handle all temperature-sensitive shipping for you, both domestically and internationally. We provide shipping services for biological samples and more. We proactively track every shipment, solving issues on your behalf, all with no added service fees or contracts. Our services include:

Temperature-Monitoring Devices

If needed, we can provide you with advanced temperature monitoring devices for both dry ice and cold pack shipments. These devices can monitor temperatures as low as -95 °C and have a 30-day operating life. We partner with the best GPS tracker companies to ensure FAA-compliance for shipments that are in flight

Other Solutions

For pre-printed returns and inbound shipments from suppliers, Mercury offers flexible options to directly create carrier labels and schedule carrier pickups. Every shipment through Mercury is proactively tracked and our expert team is always available for questions or guidance with no 1-800 number.

Customized Reports and Invoices

Clients receive a sorted and grouped invoice, broken down by internal cost centers such as a client/matter number or project name, that is customized to meet your needs.

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