Commercial Invoices

Mercury simplifies complicated commercial invoices and helps you determine the duty and tax percentage that you will pay.

What a Commercial Invoice is and Why it is Important in International Trade

A commercial invoice* is a document that is used in international trade to provide detailed information about a shipment of goods. It is typically used for customs purposes, to help determine the correct duties and taxes that should be applied to the shipment. 

The commercial invoice typically includes information such as the name and address of the seller and buyer, a description of the goods being shipped, the quantity and value of the goods, and the terms of the sale. It may also include other details, such as the country of origin of the goods, the mode of transport, and any applicable discounts or special instructions. 

Expert Tip: 
Adding a detailed product description to the commercial invoice is important. In addition, we recommend you include what the product is used for on the commercial invoice. Sometimes customs officials may have difficulty understanding the intended use of the item, and having this outlined may speed up the customs process.

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Commercial invoices can be complicated, but Mercury makes them simple and helps you figure out what duty and tax percentage you will pay. Your duty and tax rate will be determined by the country you are shipping to and the commodity being shipped.


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