TSA Known Shipper

About the Known Shipper Program

The Known Shipper program is administered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The program allows certain “known shippers” to transport cargo on regular passenger airlines. 

Being a known shipper can provide many benefits for companies shipping cargo by air. Not only do known shippers have access to better rates, but they also have more options for flight routes and less frequent delays

To become a known shipper, one must go through an application process and meet certain requirements set forth by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This includes providing background information on employees who handle or have access to cargo, as well as meeting security guidelines and procedures when shipping. 

We Will Help You Become a Known Shipper

Mercury can help your company become a "known shipper" by providing guidance throughout the process of obtaining the designation. Our services include submitting your company's name to the TSA database for review and approval, as well as ongoing support and advice to help you maintain your status as a TSA Known Shipper. Once approved, your company will be assigned a known shipper number by the TSA Known Shipper Management System. 

We can also assist with any issues related to the application process, and if your application is denied by the TSA, we are able to submit an appeal on your behalf. 

To maintain your status as a Known Shipper and continue shipping, you must renew your status annually. We will assist you with renewing your status.

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