Shipping Reagents

Proper Shipping of Reagents and Chemicals for Scientific Research

Shipping reagents is a crucial component of scientific research, and it requires careful handling and transportation to ensure their integrity and effectiveness.

Handling and transporting reagents safely and securely necessitates specialized knowledge and expertise in dealing with the various chemical compounds. Specialized packaging and labeling are employed to safeguard reagents from damage and avoid leaks or spills.

The temperature and storage conditions of the reagents must also be carefully monitored and controlled during transport to maintain their stability and effectiveness.

Many medical devices come with a necessary accompanying reagent or consumable. For shipping these consumables, options include using express carriers like FedEx or UPS or sending them along with the device through a freight service. 

Mercury’s Services

Our logistics experts at Mercury have the qualifications and expertise to protect the integrity of your reagents as we transport them to and from laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and testing sites. We have successfully transported reagents for clients in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare.

Mercury gives you the flexibility of multiple options for each cold chain shipment, including via express carriers or directly through airlines.

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