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Rather than building a large shipping department, Mercury’s clients rely on us to be their team taking on their shipping logistics.



Dedicated Shipping Team


Whether a local move from your contract manufacturer to your nearest client or a shipment for an important international demo, our team consistently provides the needed expertise as your single point of contact to ensure an on-time and smooth delivery.


Our team helps navigate international customs paperwork, offers several shipping solutions for you to make the right choice, and we monitor and track each shipment until it reaches its final destination.


Shipping Solutions for Robotics

Domestic Freight

International Freight

Express Package

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Packaging & Crating

Let Mercury’s shipping experts help you, whether you’re sending one shipment a month, or hundreds per week.

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Domestic Freight

Our robotics clients often ship larger-sized robots to their customers for sale or demo purposes. Whether you’re shipping an urgent overnight crate or have several days to move your robot across the country, Mercury will find a solution for each of your individual shipments. Visibility into the shipment and reliability are critical, so Mercury’s team monitors and tracks to ensure we deliver on time and to the right floor or loading dock. Mercury is unique in that we manage the temporary storage of crates or robots as they move from one appointment to another. Our clients also rely on us as a resource to remove crates after delivery for disposal or to reuse them after the demo is over. During the Discovery and Exploration phases of our Proven Process, we ask questions to learn your specific requirements. This allows us to orchestrate your shipments as an extension of your team. We focus on your shipping so you can focus on your business.

International Freight

Mercury offers knowledge and guidance to our clients understanding international customs documentation, ATA carnets, HTS numbers, and incoterms. Since international shipping can be difficult to navigate, our clients rely on Mercury’s team to receive a high level of communication from pickup, through customs, and until final delivery is made. Our clients who are familiar with large supply chain and trade compliance companies are often surprised to find that Mercury charges no added charges or consulting fees.

One complicated issue where Mercury excels is with incoterms, insurance, and duties and taxes (D&T). For robots sold to a company internationally, the first question is who pays the D&T?

The advantage of having the recipient pay D&T is that the exporting company doesn’t have to pay upfront these large charges and rather the buyer takes on those costs. The challenge with this is that if the recipient is not on file with customs already, there can be a lack of communication leading to customs delays. Customs will not release a shipment until they have confirmed that the billing information of the recipient is on file.

Insuring shipments can be complex and depends on if the equipment is new or used. Mercury offers a comprehensive insurance plan for both and can help our clients understand how to adjust incoterms to account for insurance. Finally, D&T is calculated based on the value on the commercial invoice. For robots sold to a company overseas, the commercial value is based on the sale price of the robot. For units being shipped for demo purposes, the value often reflects the cost to manufacture resulting in lower D&T charges. Another option for demo shipments is to use a carnet, which will reduce duties and taxes. However, when shipping on a carnet there are expiration dates that need to be carefully managed.

Express Package

Mercury specializes in overnight shipping through all major carriers, proactively tracking and troubleshooting exceptions on our client's behalf. We ship domestically and internationally and assist with customs paperwork and questions.

Mercury has no service fees and no minimums, often working with early-stage companies from their first shipment.

Your suppliers may be in the US or overseas and you want to make sure you have tracking visibility when they ship and find a cost-effective shipping solution. Mercury works with many overseas manufacturers so that our clients can receive tracking updates and one invoice which sorts all your shipping charges.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Mercury serves as a single point of contact for our clients shipping needs, offering long term warehousing space as well as temporary storage sites domestically and overseas. Our clients use Mercury’s flexible warehousing when they grow out of storage space or if they’re simply looking to move products from various parts of the country. Whether the robot leaves from the contract manufacturer or your own space we will initiate the pickup and manage the shipment to final delivery giving you complete visibility.

For robotics companies looking to store a single pallet for short-term or smaller sized devices that need to be pulled over a longer period of time, our highly secured and dry warehousing space accommodates both. Mercury does not require a contract and offers simple month-to-month billing. At the Exploration stage of our Proven Process, we ask the right questions to determine your specific needs and provide cost-effective solutions.

Packaging and Crating

As your shipping partner, Mercury serves as a resource for your packaging and crating needs. When your product is large enough that it requires a customized crate or a smaller, black hardshell case Mercury’s team is your single point of contact for multiple shipping and packaging options.

With any shipping process for a robot, it’s important to consider the handling and movement of your device as it may transfer from planes to vehicles to terminals. Proper packaging is an important element that needs to be considered. Our team is here to help you by providing guidance and knowledge on the type of packaging, insurance, and labeling requirements so that we can take into account both the right container along with the right shipping solution.

Additional Services

  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

    Repairs and warranties are often provided by robotics companies for when one of their robots needs repair or upgrade. Mercury helps our clients manage the return of the original device and setup a process to ship out either a new robot or the repaired robot.

  • Reports:

    Many of our clients rely on Mercury to pull reports of their past shipments over a specific period of time, such as a quarterly or annual report, these can include various data points to help them understand their business.

  • Other Customs Documentation:

    Mercury is a resource providing guidance to help with EEI filings, establishing an EORI, determining the correct Schedule B and HTS number, making the right decision around incoterms and duties and taxes, carnets, how to think about commercial invoice values, Mercury acts as your customs broker for imports and can assist in setting up a customs broker for exports, other country specific documents.

  • Integration (API):

    Mercury has an open API that can be used to connect with a variety of software systems such as ERPs in order to automate the flow of information for our clients. Some commonly used features are to book shipments, update tracking information into your system for easy management or to schedule pickups.

  • Commercial Invoices:

    Mercury assists clients with ensuring commercial invoices are accurate to avoid customs delays

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