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After spending hours or even years behind a bench doing cutting-edge research you’re finally ready to ship your priceless materials. Our clients trust Mercury because we recognize that these critical shipments must be delivered on time and remain within a specific temperature range. Shipping can be a complicated process and we are confident that our individualized attention will better serve you than a traditional 1-800 option.

Using our Proven Process, Mercury offers a comprehensive solution for early-stage life sciences companies, allowing them to focus on the science and leave shipping logistics to us. Through a combination of our Express Package and Speciality Cold Chain options, our clients are able to choose what’s right for each individual shipment.


As your shipping partner, we become your single point of contact for delivering dry ice, various sized validated shippers for different temperature ranges, temperature monitors, cold packs, and GPS trackers. Our expert team provides guidance and knowledge to help you navigate what you need for your shipment.


Our team acts as an extension of your team and is here to answer questions at any time, by phone call or email, providing you individualized attention.

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Solutions for Life Science

Express Package

Speciality Cold Chain

Same Day Courier

Packaging & Crating

Your company is made up of experts at the cutting edge of scientific research. Who on your team should be spending their time understanding your shipping requirements, doing analysis, and tracking your shipments to ensure turnaround times are met?

Let Mercury’s shipping experts join your team, whether you’re testing a couple of samples a week or hundreds per day.

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Express Shipments

Express Package

Not every shipment requires specialty cold chain services. Our Express Package options are perfect for time or temperature-sensitive shipments that don’t require replenishment. Clients prefer this when they’re trying to keep their costs down and want to get it out the door that day.

Mercury specializes in overnight shipping through all major carriers, proactively tracking and troubleshooting exceptions on our clients' behalf. We ship domestically and internationally and assist with customs paperwork and questions.

Mercury has no service fees and no minimums, often working with early-stage companies from their first shipment.

Specialty Cold Chain

Speciality Cold Chain

Speciality Cold Chain is used so that we can have direct access to your package which is not always possible with the express carriers. When a delay occurs they often cannot get to your package. Mercury books directly through the airlines so we will have access to your package throughout. This access allows us to monitor them, replenish dry ice, and keep your materials at the temperature range that you require.

Mercury offers a proactive approach with personal attention and guidance prior to shipping, leading to clear expectations. From the initial conversation with Mercury about a cold chain shipment, the same one of our expert team members will work with you to final delivery. This begins with getting all information upfront and vetting the required documentation to discover any needed permits or country specific paperwork in advance.

The same individual will book, proactively track and follow up as your shipment moves each step of the way keeping you informed until the shipment has been delivered and they’re available for questions along the way. Our proactive approach and personal attention is unique among cold chain carriers.

Same Day Courier

Same Day Courier

Same day couriers are used when a shipment needs to be delivered the same day it is picked up and it’s in a drivable distance. Whether you’re shipping for a clinical trial, need a specimen picked up, are sending a research sample or have a highly valuable shipment our drivers can follow any specific pickup instructions you have and personally deliver your critical material to its final destination. Our clients trust Mercury’s end-to-end solution which provides them milestone notifications and final delivery details including time, date and signature. We follow your chain of custody guidelines and any needed compliance.

Our drivers are available to pick up anywhere in the country even on a last minute basis. If you need to ship beyond a driving distance and still require same day pickup and delivery we offer a Specialty Cold Chain option which ships through the airlines.

Common uses:

Category B Biological Substances

Clinical trials

Test samples including blood, urine or tissue samples

Delivering dry ice to any clinical site

From patient to hospital site or testing lab

Packaging and Crating

Packaging and Carting

Mercury keeps in stock several sizes of validated shippers. We make this typically complicated process simple through our advice and guidance narrowing down, through our experience, to the packaging you are most likely to use and combining that with the right shipping option.

For clients shipping priceless and irreplaceable materials, we can deliver in advance or arrive at your location that day with a validated thermal box, dry ice, GPS tracker, and a temperature monitor. Our team will be monitoring the GPS location and you’ll get a link to do so yourself.

Additional Services

When working with a CRO, CMO or other partner you can use Mercury to ship to or from any location. This will provide you with better tracking visibility so you’ll know when they shipped and when to expect delivery.

Customized reports and invoices to help understand your shipping costs and allocate to the right cost center in your pipeline.

Often our life sciences startup clients work out of an incubator and share lab space and need to collaborate with other researchers. Our team makes this process simple.

Because of our global network, we are used to working across time zones.

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Our Proven Process
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Our Customer Experience

Mercury has helped us save labor costs and drive operational efficiencies as we scale our at-home COVID testing business.

- VP of Operations at a Diagnostics Company

Our Customer Experience

Incredible customer service and highly responsive. I have never had a better team helping to ensure our critical materials make it exactly where we need them, internationally, in such a timely manner.

- Laboratory Operations Manager at a Life Science Research Company

Our Customer Experience

Mercury saves us money and is helpful in getting insight when major couriers' own tracking information does not provide answers. We also love our pick-up handler!

- Partner at a Law Firm

Our Customer Experience

Arranging the shipment was easy and it was great to talk to the same people who understood my shipping requirements. The shipment was quickly delivered to Denmark and arrived frozen.

- Scientist at a Therapeutics Company

Our Customer Experience

Prompt service and fair pricing.

- Network Engineer at a Trading Company

Our Customer Experience

Anytime a package is late or cannot be delivered, Mercury contacts me and they will reroute a package if the address was incorrect. I don’t get that from anyone else.

- Office Manager at a Law Firm

Our Customer Experience

Incredible customer service - always going above and beyond to help my team succeed. We really appreciate your partnership in all things shipping!

- Commercial Operations at a Life Sciences Company