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Our roots go back to a law firm mailroom in 1984 when our company’s founder recognized the importance of tracking packages so he could keep the attorneys aware of any exceptions or delays. On top of that, he found that accounting teams spent way too much time reconciling carrier invoices and so he devised a way to streamline that process.

Mercury is unique in that our invoice includes a summary page that sorts and groups each client/matter number and subtotals that information so your accounting department can upload that total directly into their accounting system. Larger files are time-consuming so we offer integrations to connect with your system to streamline this process.

We understand that your job is demanding with late nights and long hours, and that's why we provide flexible pickups. You can reach a real person on our team directly without navigating a tedious phone tree of a 1-800 number. Your important legal documents, such as patent filings, IPO paperwork, contracts, and the like, cannot miss their deadline, which is why we proactively track and troubleshoot every single shipment, giving you visibility into any delays and following up until final delivery is confirmed.

Solutions for Law Firms

Express Package

Same Day Courier

Your company is made up of experts who are innovators in Healthcare and Life Sciences. Who on your team should be spending their time understanding your shipping requirements, doing analysis and tracking your shipments to ensure turnaround times are met?

Let Mercury’s shipping experts join your team, whether you’re sending one shipment a month, or hundreds per week.

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Express Package

Mercury specializes in overnight shipping through all major carriers, proactively tracking and troubleshooting exceptions on our clients' behalf. We ship domestically and internationally and assist with customs paperwork and questions. Through our simple shipping software, you can create as many users as you need included admin users who have additional access to customize and set up client/matter numbers. We even have a private address book, in addition to the public address book for your company, that you can use when shipping sensitive documents.

When shipping legal documents that need to be signed and returned back to your office, our team prepares the return label and an instruction sheet on how to return the package, create a pickup and you or your clients call us with any questions. Our pickup drivers work directly with your mailroom staff, communicating often on a nightly basis so any issues are resolved in advance.

Mercury has no service fees and no minimums, often working with early-stage companies from their first shipment.

Mercury can help as your shipping partner for all your offices across the country or globally. Every shipment through Mercury is proactively tracked and our expert team is always available for questions or guidance with no 1-800 number. Clients receive a sorted and grouped invoice broken down by internal cost center such as a client/matter number. This allows for capturing internal and external costs to allocate expenses and for ease of billing back your customers quickly and efficiently.

Same Day Courier

When overnight isn’t fast enough, our clients look to Mercury for guidance. Most requests are for local moves across town that need to be delivered to a client or collaborator within hours. Others need a courier to drive further distances or in some cases when a flight is the only option, Mercury offers a next-flight out (NFO) service for same day delivery. Our team provides guidance helping clients understand their options to make the best decision.

Additional Services

  • International shipping can be confusing and time consuming, our easy portal makes it simple so you don’t have to create a commercial invoice and our team provides guidance in case you have any questions.

  • Integrations such as ODBC connections to update client/matter numbers in real time as you create new ones.

  • Invoices sorted and grouped by client/matter number.

  • Same Day Couriers can wait when documents are not ready, last minute signatures need to take place we can have our courier standby until you give us the go ahead.

  • Last-minute, unexpected documents that need to get delivered ASAP are handled by our Same Day Couriers who make direct deliveries.

Supporting Innovation by Simplifying Shipping Since 1984

Our Proven Process

Our Customer Experience

  • Mercury has helped us save labor costs and drive operational efficiencies as we scale our at-home COVID testing business.

    - VP of Operations at a Diagnostics Company
  • Incredible customer service and highly responsive. I have never had a better team helping to ensure our critical materials make it exactly where we need them, internationally, in such a timely manner.

    - Laboratory Operations Manager at a Life Science Research Company
  • Mercury saves us money and is helpful in getting insight when major couriers' own tracking information does not provide answers. We also love our pick-up handler!

    - Partner at a Law Firm
  • Arranging the shipment was easy and it was great to talk to the same people who understood my shipping requirements. The shipment was quickly delivered to Denmark and arrived frozen.

    - Scientist at a Therapeutics Company
  • Prompt service and fair pricing.

    - Network Engineer at a Trading Company
  • Anytime a package is late or cannot be delivered, Mercury contacts me and they will reroute a package if the address was incorrect. I don’t get that from anyone else.

    - Office Manager at a Law Firm
  • Incredible customer service - always going above and beyond to help my team succeed. We really appreciate your partnership in all things shipping!

    - Commercial Operations at a Life Sciences Company
  • Mercury has helped us save labor costs and drive operational efficiencies as we scale our at-home COVID testing business.

    - CommVP of Operations at a Diagnostics Company

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Since 1984, Mercury has been on a mission to support innovation by simplifying shipping. We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

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