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Mercury partners with our diagnostic kit clients to help improve patient outcomes. Our clients are world leaders in precision oncology, hereditary cancer genomics, personalized medicine, pooled COVID-19 testing, and molecular diagnostics focused on preimplantation and they choose Mercury for our deep expertise in diagnostic kit shipping and individual attention. 

Your shipments are critical. Work with a company that tracks and monitors each kit, lets you know daily how many shipments will be arriving at your lab, and provides detailed data analysis and reporting so you can measure turnaround times. When relying on a supplier’s shipping vendor, your options and tracking visibility are normally limited, but with Mercury multiple options are provided, giving you the control to make important decisions.

Through our Proven Process, Mercury helps you to understand the different types of labels that the carriers offer for both outbound and inbound shipments, helping you to make the right choice. We then work with you to select the right service level, what is needed on the label to keep track of the various tests and other internal information.

Rely on us to set up pickups at your clients' or patients' sites, whether it be on a recurring or as-needed basis. Additionally, to accommodate temperature requirements, we can provide dry ice before shipping samples. Mercury can also integrate your information flow to create pickups and labels and provide numbers and other visibility directly into your systems. As your company expands to serve patients overseas, we provide expertise to help you understand the customs documents so that your samples coming in from an international location can be as smooth as your domestic shipments.

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Solutions for Diagnostic Kits

Express Package

Same Day Courier

Domestic Freight

International Freight

Your company is made up of experts who are building, launching and inventing world changing tests to diagnose diseases. Who on your team should be spending their time understanding your shipping requirements, doing analysis and tracking your shipments to ensure turnaround times are met?

Let Mercury’s shipping experts join your team, whether you’re testing a couple of samples a week or hundreds per day.

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Express Shipments

Express Package

Mercury specializes in overnight shipping through all major carriers, proactively tracking and troubleshooting exceptions on our clients behalf. We ship domestically and internationally and assist with customs paperwork and questions. Mercury has no 1-800 number and our client support team assists your patients with scheduling carrier pickups. Common areas that Mercury provides knowledge and guidance on:

Labelling requirements for UN3373 Category B Biological Substances

Clinical packaging to prevent spillage

Dry ice shipping and labelling

Return shipping labels and instructions

Same Day Courier

Same Day Courier

When overnight Express isn’t fast enough, our clients rely on Mercury’s same day courier option. Whether delivering dry ice to any location in the US or transporting critical diagnostic kits from a home or hospital directly to a lab, Mercury offers a wide range of same day pickup and delivery services. Our couriers handle highly sensitive materials, including temperature controlled, maintaining a chain of custody throughout.

Direct regular scheduled same days to and from a lab

Late night and weekend, delivery made at any time your lab is open

Dry ice to any of your locations within the US (clinical site, lab, medical site, patient home)

Regularly scheduled routes including picking up COVID samples from schools

Able to handle dry ice, Category B Biological Substances, other Dangerous Goods materials

Pickups and deliveries within a very specific pickup or dropoff point and at a very specific time

Our same day couriers drive directly from the pickup to dropoff point

Diagnostic kit same days are often sent with temperature monitors in our validated shippers (temperature monitors and GPS are available)

Our same day couriers drive directly from the pickup to dropoff point

Domestic Freight

Domestic Freight

Cost efficiency is gained when sending bulk orders, if possible. Whether it’s local to the next state or across the country, multiple boxes or pallets of kits, Mercury can arrange a cost effective delivery.

When buying components for your diagnostic kit from various suppliers, it’s important for you to control your shipping costs and have visibility and price options for your shipments. Mercury’s multiple shipping options allow for you to make the best choice for your business.

International Freight

International Freight

Building kits often starts from an international manufacturer where you order samples or large pallets to be sent to your lab or Contract Manufacturer for further kitting and building. Our clients rely on Mercury for complete tracking visibility from pickup to when it hits customs through final delivery. We often help our clients with long term planning of when the ktis come in, in other cases the timeline is very tight and we need to work on more immediate delivery deadlines. Our clients want to understand their pricing prior to orchestrating the shipment and have multiple options for air shipping. Sometimes companies don’t realize they have the choice to decide on the shipping terms and shipping provider when purchasing kits from a manufacturer overseas. It can be confusing when the manufacturer orchestrates the shipment since you don’t get clear visibility in the tracking as well as an opportunity to get more than one price option. Mercury is your single point of contact by offering both shipping and customs brokering. This allows us to communicate to you when your shipment hits customs and work with customs to ensure the clearance process is streamlined.

Additional Services

Easy, simple pick and pack fulfillment to help get your business off the ground.

API integrations available to streamline the label and pickup process and provide information directly into your system.

Customized return instructions with your logo to explain how to ship once the test is complete, including scheduling a pickup.

Very specific dry ice amounts can be required based on your kit and Mercury will orchestrate this complicated process on your behalf.

Supporting Innovation by Simplifying Shipping Since 1984

Our Proven Process
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Our Customer Experience

Mercury has helped us save labor costs and drive operational efficiencies as we scale our at-home COVID testing business.

- VP of Operations at a Diagnostics Company

Our Customer Experience

Incredible customer service and highly responsive. I have never had a better team helping to ensure our critical materials make it exactly where we need them, internationally, in such a timely manner.

- Laboratory Operations Manager at a Life Science Research Company

Our Customer Experience

Mercury saves us money and is helpful in getting insight when major couriers' own tracking information does not provide answers. We also love our pick-up handler!

- Partner at a Law Firm

Our Customer Experience

Arranging the shipment was easy and it was great to talk to the same people who understood my shipping requirements. The shipment was quickly delivered to Denmark and arrived frozen.

- Scientist at a Therapeutics Company

Our Customer Experience

Prompt service and fair pricing.

- Network Engineer at a Trading Company

Our Customer Experience

Anytime a package is late or cannot be delivered, Mercury contacts me and they will reroute a package if the address was incorrect. I don’t get that from anyone else.

- Office Manager at a Law Firm

Our Customer Experience

Incredible customer service - always going above and beyond to help my team succeed. We really appreciate your partnership in all things shipping!

- Commercial Operations at a Life Sciences Company