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Key Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Logistics Partner

October 16, 2023
Choosing the right logistics partner

Crucial Factors to Keep In Mind

Written By: Daniella Gomes

When it comes to selecting a logistics partner, the task may not be the most exhilarating endeavor for researchers, laboratory managers, clinicians, and professionals in related roles. However, the decision is pivotal, as it should seamlessly integrate with your business operations without disrupting the critical supply chain. So, what factors should you consider when choosing a logistics partner, and what questions should you ask during your evaluation? Let's delve into this essential topic!

Real-World Case Examples and Tailored Shipping Plans

One vital question to pose is whether the logistics company has previous experience handling shipments similar to yours. Consider potential challenges and how the company plans to address them. For instance, how will they handle customs paperwork, manage shipments for non-Know Shippers, or ensure that shipments requiring specific temperatures do not deteriorate? Be aware that not all vendors, especially those serving Life Sciences and Healthcare, offer dry ice replenishment. Seeking answers to these questions is crucial to ensuring the safe and secure transport of your valuable cargo.

Effective Communication, Package Tracking, and Accessible Customer Support

A logistics partner should never leave you in the dark or hit you with surprises. When your shipments include patient samples for cancer screening, complex research materials, or urgently needed medical supplies, staying informed about the package's location and status is of paramount importance. A lack of information or discovering that your shipment is still languishing at the airport can be disastrous. This is where effective communication is a game-changer. Inquire about the communication methods they offer, the ease of reaching someone knowledgeable about your situation, and the conditions under which they will proactively contact you in case of any issues. At Mercury, we provide you with access to our user-friendly shipping portal, ensuring complete visibility and easy communication with your dedicated squad, available 24/7. Say goodbye to long waiting times and repetitive explanations; Mercury assigns your business to a responsive and attentive team.

Dry Ice Replenishment and White-Glove Services

Certain shipments may require special handling, such as replenishing dry ice or delivering packages to locations with strict security protocols. It's essential to confirm how a logistics company deals with such cases. A reliable partner will go the extra mile to ensure your package reaches its final destination intact and on time. At Mercury, we offer dry ice replenishment wherever your package may be and leverage nearly 40 years of industry expertise to provide white-glove services. Our extensive network of couriers and shipping partners understands your industry's unique requirements, ensuring your peace of mind and relieving you of the burden of managing complex logistics.


Selecting a logistics partner is a critical decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and success of your business operations. By asking the right questions and seeking a partner with a track record of handling similar shipments, effective communication, and specialized services, you can ensure a smooth and reliable logistics experience.

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