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Canadian CARM Release 2 Updates

June 28, 2023
CARM Release 2 Updates

Shipping and Importing to Canada: CARM Release 2 Updates

Written By: Debbie Jung

The Canada Border Services Agency's Assessment Revenue Management, also known as CARM, is set to offer transformative changes for anyone importing to Canada. If you or your company plan on shipping regularly to Canada, staying updated with relevant information like CARM changes will save time in the future.  

What is CARM?

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) is a mandatory project that aims to transform the collection of taxes and duties for goods imported to Canada. CARM's purpose is to simplify the importing process for importers and customs brokers in Canada. CARM was launched on May 25, 2021, introducing features such as the CARM Client Portal (CCP). However, new updates to this process will be released later this year, in October 2023. These updates will have an impact on shippers when importing goods into Canada.

Updates on CARM Release 2  

As the new release for CARM will take effect in October 2023, vendors and shippers alike are looking to Canada's regulations for proper preparation on the government website. As noted by the Government of Canada, these updates will bring several benefits, such as simplifying the overall importing process, providing higher self-service access to information, reducing the costs of importing to Canada, and more. 

With these new updates, importers must take several action items to ensure smooth shipping.  

UPDATE: The launch date of CARM Release 2 has been delayed to May 2024.

CARM Client Portal (CCP)  

Importers must register for a CARM Client Portal (CCP) account. To do so, enter the CCP and create a personal account if you don't already have one. Then, you will be presented with the option to register your business. To complete the business registration process, you will require the following information: 

  • Business Number (BN-9) 
  • Import/Export Program account (RM) 
  • Statement of Account and/or Daily Notice

Duties and Taxes Payments

Importers will no longer be able to utilize their Customs Brokers Bond. This means that you must obtain a bond from a surety company that guarantees payment of duty and tax to customs. Importers will be required to pay customs and duty and tax via their account on the CARM Client Portal. 

Shipments for importers who have not obtained a bond or registered on the CARM Client Portal may experience a delayed release of goods for delivery. 

Preparation for Importing to Canada 

A lot goes into shipping to Canada and prepping to ensure successful timely delivery. One of the preparations is organizing information and communications. Those who are importing or shipping to Canada should be prepared to capture the following information in advance of shipping to Canada. 

  • Legal business name
  • Legal business address
  • Phone number
  • Business number (9 digits)
  • Signing Authority name and title 
  • Customs Contact name, email, phone #
  • A/P Contact name, email, phone #
  • Registered on CARM portal
  • Bond in place

Expert Guidance for International Shipping

At Mercury, we focus on updates like CARM in all international countries so our clients don't have to. Partnering with a logistics company that has experience can provide professional and accurate advice. Contact an expert at Mercury today to coordinate, track, and troubleshoot your shipments so you don't have to. 


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