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Onur Şevik on His Role as a QA Engineer at Mercury

December 18, 2023
Onur Şevik

Meet Our People - Onur ┼×evik

Written By: Narek Hakobyan

In this interview, we will get to know Onur ┼×evik, one of our QA Engineers at Mercury. He has ensured our software products' high quality and reliability and helped us deliver a smooth and satisfying user experience. He will share his background, challenges and successes at work, what he enjoys about his role at Mercury and his hobbies and passions outside of work. Onur is based in Istanbul and is a proud member of Mercury's Turkey team.

What Can You Tell Us About Yourself and Your Role at Mercury?

I'm about to complete my 10th month as a QA Engineer at Mercury. As a Software QA Engineer, I participate in our product's quality and testing processes. We work as a team to improve our product's quality and make it work smoothly. Our main goal is to increase the reliability and quality of our product by conducting regular tests. Before joining Mercury, I gained experience in sectors such as various e-commerce site applications (mobile and web applications) and the insurance industry.

What Are You Passionate About in Your Role?

One of my favorite parts of my job is being in close contact with the product. It is a pleasure for me to question the reliability and quality of the application by doing tests from the user's perspective.

How Do You Effectively Navigate the Challenges of Working Remotely?

Although I enjoy working remotely, I sometimes face challenges related to socialization and communication. To address the socialization issue, my team and I make it a point to work and eat together regularly, and we also schedule coffee chats on some days. This has helped me overcome the difficulties I faced earlier. As for communication, our team's communication is very strong, and we can easily reach out to each other whenever we need to discuss something, just like we would in an office setting.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working in This Industry and What Have You Learned?

Working in the logistics industry has been an exciting and new experience for me. I recently joined this industry and have gained a lot of knowledge about its crucial global role, especially during the pandemic. I have gained insights into the various aspects of transporting goods across international borders and the possible challenges that come with it. I am particularly interested in the logistics industry's Life Sciences and healthcare sector, which is essential for our well-being. I am eager to learn and research more about this sector and apply my knowledge to my work. 

"It is fulfilling to witness the positive outcomes of my efforts and be a part of this crucial industry."

Can You Name One Project or Moment That Has Made You Proud?

I am proud of all the successful projects I have been a part of. However, receiving the Golden Shipment Award at Mercury was an incredibly proud moment for me.

What Has Been the Most Formidable Challenge You’ve Faced at Work, and What Helped You Overcome It?

I have not explicitly encountered significant difficulties, but joining a new team and starting a project with a product you have not experienced before can be challenging. But when I joined Mercury, the team was incredibly welcoming and assisted me whenever needed. This allowed me to adapt to the team and the project very quickly.

What Have You Always Wanted to Try or Learn?

Flying a plane is something I have always wanted to learn and try. I have been fascinated by airplanes since I was a child. I plan to pursue this as a hobby someday.

What Is Something Unique About You That Few People Know?

One unique thing about me is that I always travel in shorts, even during the winter. I'm not too fond of thick clothes. 

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