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Buse’s Journey as a Senior Front-End Developer at Mercury

December 11, 2023
Buse Uzuntas

Meet Our People - Buse Uzuntaş

Written By: Narek Hakobyan

In this interview, you will learn more about Buse Uzuntaş, a seasoned Senior Front-End Developer at Mercury. As a key member of the Mercury's Turkey team, she plays a pivotal role in the enhancement and user-centric evolution of our web applications. Buse has been instrumental in crafting seamless digital experiences that align perfectly with our customers' diverse needs. Let's explore her journey and contributions in shaping Mercury's innovative landscape.

What Can You Tell Us About Yourself and Your Role at Mercury?

I graduated from Computer Engineering in 2015. Since my graduation, I have worked as a developer in companies operating in various fields. After experiencing different aspects of software, I decided to specialize in front-end development, and I have been progressing in this area for a long time. I've been a Senior Front-end Developer at Mercury for ten months, focusing on developing and improving our web applications to be user-friendly and meet our customers' needs. I am one of the lucky people who genuinely love their profession.

How Have You Developed Your Skills Since Joining the Company?

Working at Mercury, especially in a global company, has contributed significantly to my work experience. I am happy to have the opportunity to gain such experience in today's world. Our company strives to use the latest technologies. During my time here, I have developed my technical expertise using advanced front-end technologies and continue to do so.

Additionally, I have improved my soft skills like team collaboration and front-end project management, which are very important for remote work environments. Mercury's culture of relentless improvement motivates me to continue learning and developing. For example, Mercury taught me that empathy is one of my most vital traits. I have learned which qualities I need to improve, which areas I am strong, and where I need development. I continue to work on these.

How Do You Collaborate With Other Departments While Working Remotely?

Considering the time difference with America, I initially wondered how it would work when I first started. However, the company has established a good routine for both countries. Video calls that can be done during overlapping hours and regular meetings to keep each other informed quickly created a natural working environment. We organize special sessions with the departments that will use the product we develop. Explaining the details of the features we will develop, the product team created an easy communication path. Additionally, through project management tools, we coordinate constantly updated tasks. You quickly gain the awareness of being a team at Mercury, and once you understand the team consciousness, the rest falls into place.

Can You Share a Specific Project Where You Went Above and Beyond?

When I joined Mercury, I wasn't expected to adapt quickly and take on responsibilities. But I worked to make my job and the jobs of my team members easier. Taking responsibility not only for myself but also for those around me exceeded expectations in the early days. Tasks were completed quickly, and we quickly became a real team. Additionally, sometimes projects require the implementation of new technologies. I often take on such tasks since I quickly adapt to new technologies.

What Do You Enjoy About Your Current Role?

I love learning and implementing new technologies, solving problems, and contributing to our projects. I enjoy working in a team that boosts my motivation to work. I am in an environment where I know my ideas are valued. 

"I take great pleasure in helping colleagues who are just starting their careers or still gaining experience. I am happy to be in an environment where I can gain and share new experiences."

What Accomplishments Are You Most Proud of in Your Time at Mercury?

Every successful release we have made with our team since I joined has been a proud achievement. Each time, it's a job done with effort from all units, constantly improving. Every team does their part with pleasure and importance. At the end of the day, we offer features that make the lives of our customers and Mercury employees easier. Seeing the effort behind the work, job satisfaction is indescribable when it is successful and appreciated.

What Are Your Hobbies Outside of Work?

I really enjoy cooking meals and hosting my loved ones at crowded tables. I love trying different recipes. I also love going on cultural trips with my friends and spouse.

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