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Why Mercury?

Personal Attention

Proactive Tracking

Customized Invoices

Multiple Shipping Options

Marketing agencies work with Mercury because they would otherwise spend time figuring out how to make large quantities of shipping labels, calling a carrier for questions and pickups, and tracking packages to make sure they get delivered on time. Our clients find that they often work late at night and need late night pickups. Sometimes they have urgent same day jobs in their office or at various cities outside of their offices and we handle that for them as well. Also the accounting team at these firms can spend a lot of time on express carrier invoices trying to allocate all of their shipping charges for each of their cost centers such as client names or project numbers. Sometimes our clients are sending marketing material to conferences, trade shows or just between offices. These are typically heavier boxes, often more than one box to include a Tradeshow booth and we make this process very simple.

Many Marketing agencies have offices or teams they collaborate with overseas. Creating multiple international shipping labels can be a long and tedious process, our clients find themselves busy and don’t have the time to spend on this sort of shipping task. They rely on our team to create the labels through either a .csv file or the group shipping available on our MyShipNow portal. When shipping swag or items that are complicated to determine the value of internally, many of our clients call our expert team to guide them on determining what value to use and how it will impact the duty and tax rate. They also are not sure whether to use DDP or DDU. Commercial invoices can be complicated and Mercury makes these simple and helps your figure out what duty and tax percentage you’ll pay. The country you are shipping to along with the commodity being shipped will determine your duty and tax rate.

Your agency is made up of high-level professionals with years of experience. Who on your team should be spending their time setting up batch shipments, tracking packages, on the phone with a 1-800 number, dealing with international paperwork, sending material to events and organizing invoices to measure internal costs?

Let Mercury’s shipping experts join your team, whether once a month or several times a day.

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Express Shipments

Mercury specializes in overnight shipping through all major carriers, proactively tracking and troubleshooting exceptions on our clients behalf. We ship domestically and internationally and assist with customs paperwork and questions.

When collaborating with a different team and you need to ship something for review which needs to be returned to your office, our team prepares the return label and an instruction sheet on how to return the package, create a pickup and you or your clients or investors call us with any questions.

Clients leverage the combined volume of all Mercury’s shipments to keep their shipping costs down by receiving larger discounts than working with carriers directly while still taking advantage of Mercury’s individual attention, flexible pickups, expertise and proactive tracking. Mercury has no service fees and no minimums, often working with early-stage companies from their first shipment.

Mercury can help as your shipping partner for all your offices across the country or globally. Every shipment through Mercury is proactively tracked and our expert team is always available for questions or guidance with no 1-800 number. Clients receive a sorted and grouped invoice broken down by internal cost center such as a department, office or project. This allows for capturing internal and external costs to allocate expenses in a timely manner.

Same Day Courier

When overnight isn’t fast enough, our clients look to Mercury for guidance. Most requests are for local moves across town that need to be delivered to a client or collaborator within hours. Others need a courier to drive further distances or in some cases when a flight is the only option, Mercury offers a next-flight out (NFO) service for same day delivery. Our team provides guidance helping clients understand their options to make the best decision.

Additional Services

  • When you need a large quantity of shipping labels for a big mailing, Mercury can conveniently create the labels through a .csv file or group shipping on our MyShipNow portal.

  • API integrations can connect your software system to Mercury to create shipping labels and track packages.

  • International shipments can be complicated, whether you’re doing one shipment or multiple our experts will help you to create these batch shipments in a way that's easy for you.

  • Determining customs values and what to expect for duty and tax costs can be difficult to figure out, you don’t want to spend time on a 1-800 number so we will work individually with you or your team.

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Since 1984, Mercury has been on a mission to support innovation by simplifying shipping. We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

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